Mario Routi

Interview for Epic Magazine

With a writing style that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the author paralyses you with his extraordinary, evolving plot, keeping you eager to turn to the next page.

To what extend is your personal experience presented in your books? Do you think it offers you guidance?
A writer always embellishes his writings with personal experience that guides him or influences him and his novel, up to a certain point, depending on the subject of the book and the relation that the story may have with his life.

You are considered to be an accomplished writer; you are an excellent page turner. How are you managing this? Are you, yourself as a reader, expecting this from a book?
Yes, this is indeed very important to me and I want my readers not to be able to stop reading until they finish my books… It is a lovely feeling, that I adore experiencing and I demand lately from the books that I read. A writer in order to accomplish this should be curious about the outcome of the story of his book. He shouldn't be aware of what is about to happen until the last moment and let the story lead him. When he is looking forward to continue writing in order to discover what is going to happen in the next page, then it is almost certain that the reader will feel the same way.

You like creating heroes – symbols? Do you reckon our times are in need of such heroes?
I like it and I consider it important, because I believe that in our era we are indeed in need of such heroes – symbols. When the reader is bound and identifies with the hero, seeing that they have a lot in common and that perhaps he himself could be the hero – symbol. Then it is possible that there is room for improvement in everything around him, in his life, society, his surroundings; besides nothing is impossible.

Your previous books became best – sellers. In what extent does the readers' acceptance influences your writing?
The writer first writes for himself. He feels the necessity to express himself and say, with his own way, some things that concern him. However, these things should be comprehensive, fill the hearts of the readers and stimulate their thoughts. Therefore, it is self-evident that each writer should bare deep in his mind the aiming target group of his upcoming book. To me, at least, it is a vital issue which I always bare in mind while writing.

Have you already started your next book? What is it about?
I am working on the Rebecca Neewton series.

Mario, thank you so much!