Mario Routi


This is The Hunger Games but set against a backdrop of Greek myth and legend, where the Gods are real, their powers are imposing, and the future is in the hands of one girl. It’s a roller-coaster ride with realistic and powerful battles against demons and monsters from a nightmare realm. Add in a sprinkling of science fiction, and this novel contains just about everything which readers might want from an epic fantasy adventure.
David J. Howe
Writer, Publisher, Former Chair of The British Fantasy Society

An unconventional and emotional fantasy that masterfully unites ancient and modern, combining myths with atmospheric legendary battles, romance and mystery.

A new take on Greek mythology!
Mario Routi has drawn on his homeland's legends and is determined to put his own spin on famous classical figures.


A collision between ancient and modern.
Greek myths for the sci-fi generation.

The British Fantasy Society

A very ambitious and brilliantly conceived novel. An epic work. Congratulations!
Mark Damon, Oscar awarded, Hollywood Film Poducer

I knew the writer from his previous work and was familiar to his writing skills. However, after reading his latest book, I was astonished from the brainstorming of the story, the lucid writing, the dramatic sketch of the heroes' characters. Mario Routi is a Master of speech, a great page – turner who can turn a work into a masterpiece. This book, like Anglo-Saxon people would say, will keep you anticipated for what's going to happen next.
Vasilis Vasilikos, Author of "Z", Former President of the society of Greek Writers and former Ambassador of Greece to UNESCO

Mario Routi is an excellent story – teller, therefore, I found myself totally absorbed, turning one page after the other effortlessly, to see where the story goes. He deserves praise for writing a book like this. It is a book worth to be read both by youngsters and elders.
Dr Dimitris Nanopoulos, Nobel prize nominee

A book that all parents should ask their children to read and vice versa.
Nemesis magazine

Wow! The more you read, the more you want to read.
Time Out magazine

A fantastical exploration into the mythological ideals
of good and evil.
A gripping novel!
Maximum Pop

An excellent device to pique the interested of any jaded reader.
Charles Parker, Sci-Fi Online

More than just a sword and sorcery fantasy novel. A rewarding read that is an incisive document on our times. Astonishingly lucid and florid language... a read quite unlike any other.
Ruckus Youth Magazine, UK

Told with vivid imagery, it uniquely combines fairy-tale and adventure with mythology and romanticism.
Infinity Plus, UK

A tale of love, duty and loss...
The story flows from tender moments between lovers to scenes of bloody battles...
A reflection on the nature of good and evil

Teen Librarian

A great read. Breathless action and adventure.
Nice one indeed.

Jason Buob,

I couldn't help but find myself totally absorbed.
A fundamental of fantasy, which so few others seem to achieve.

Kevin Stone, Library Thing, UK

Mario Routi combines romanticism, fairy tale and epic battles. For the first time in Literature, Routi shows that ancient mythologies and fantasy worlds, along with the mythical traditions, can be combined in an exciting, beautifully written fiction.
D. Argastaras

Ancient Gods come to life in this magnificent, wildly spectacularly world where everything is as far from real life as posssible. It's a book you can just escape to be among mythical creatures and a story of bold characters and an unforgettable adventure.
Pretty Little Memoirs

A story filled with plenty of action and fighting,
giving the plot good pace and tension...
An original, striking story of Greek proportions!

Dark Readers

This series certainly has potential; Routi takes Greek Mythology and puts an original spin on it in his tale of epic battles and the war of good against evil.
A Mind Needs Books

Harry Potter in Narnia, only a Narnia full of Greek myths...
A story that takes you in an instant from flying with Pegasus,
to fighting terrorists!

Strange Magazine